Hoo boy. I loved this show. 

There’s no doubt about it, Lauren O’Brien is incredibly talented. The solo show she has written is full of vibrant characters—there have to be more than ten of them—and she portrays them all flawlessly. Jaxx and Lolo tells the story of meek yet resilient Lolo and rough firecracker Jaxx. When Lolo sees a worrying tweet from Jaxx threatening suicide, she begins telling us of their unlikely friendship. Both women are imperfectly perfect characters, and it’s lovely to see O’Brien playing them both. 

O’Brien seamlessly weaves through tough subjects like depression and grief while also being a champion for strong female friendships. The expert direction by Christine Renee Miller hones O’Brien’s words into a truly captivating performance. It tells a story of a specific kind of pain that can resonate through any relationship. What could we say to someone to keep them on this earth? How do we live with the pain they leave behind while honoring the pain they lived with?

When the play comes to a hopeful end, it leaves you wanting more. I wanted to hear more of the conversation between Jaxx and Lolo in that final moment. But that’s how you know a play is successful—you keep trying to add things on because you simply never want it to end. 

That is how good Lauren O’Brien is, and that is why you need to see Jaxx and Lolo. 

Jaxx and Lolo runs at the Kraine Theater as part of the FRIGID festival.